Terry Price - Return Of The Purquoise

Now scooter checks ain't usually our jam, but this is a whole different thing entirely. This is everyone's favourite OG Terry Price ressurecting one of the most Iconic scooters in recent memory - His badass Purple and Turquoise custom beast. Last seen gracing our pages back in 2012, Terry has put together a new custom painted whip that just looks like it should be mounted on a wall. Luckily though, Terry had no inclination to do that, and has immediately put it to work shredding this mini park with some of the biggest wallrides we have seen in a while, making this one probably the best scooter check since Lewis Crampton bought us the "Cheque". Now were just waiting on Terry bringing back the blue and black starred flowmaster from the Dogg forum days...

Tom Holt - 2015

Tom Holt's 2015 offering was filmed in just 5 hours apparently. Now we won't waste time debating whether this should be called "2015" or "The 6th of September", mainly 'caus Tom is really freaking good. Always mixing the crazy tech into serious bangers, he has got the minerals to be a serious force over the coming yearm and we wonder what he could do if he stacked some clips without allowinging them to leak out over insta and in day edits. Oh, and maybe dont go full gangster on the song choice next time, #justsayin...

Seattle Jam 2015

Seattle has some of the finest spots in the world, especially when it comes to hosting a street jam. The Garfield High School has some absolutely BURLY spots that seem hidden away enough that a session can go down without bother from the cops or security. The schools huge banks and concrete handrails are also some of the most recongisable spots and a huge test for riders, so when you see them getting shredded like this, it's even more incredible. Check the vids below for a sweet wrapup of the day from Grind Device and ADVCT, peep Nick Tedrick and Alex De Stefano in particular, they freakin destroyed that metal handrail...

Warneup - 2015

When talking about a rider like Arnaud "Warneup" Marchenoir, it's hard to find the word's to describe him. If you aren't aware of his rediculous skill and ingenuity, i will assume you have made your home below a large boulder, but with Arnaud, there's certainly no chance to say it's "more of the same" right here - because there is nothing similar going on here at all. This, as ever with Warneup, is a must see, and as you watch, maybe take note - don't try the same, try something that noone else has ever thought of...

Leo Spencer - Grit 2015

It's just days since we were blown away by a ridiculous young shredder who has cropped up from nowhere, and we are here once again saying the same thing. Leo Spencer recently got hooked up by Grit through their always impressive talent machine - the Academy. Still churning out incredible riders in its 4th year, the program goes from strength to strength, and we can't wait to see who is next to arrive. But for now, check out Leo being an absolute ninja....

Tom Mattingly - Summer

Tom's summer looks like a goodun! The Beast Coaster can add a little something to absolutely anything - the board ices in both directions are nuts - and this is one hella fun video from start to finish, with some crispy clean filming and editing to boot. Check it...

Scooter Hut Pro Series 2015 - Results


One of the biggest events of the year just wrapped up down in Australia, with 23 of the World's biggest riders on the startlist, it has had the industry on the edge of it's seat for the last two weeks. Hit the jump to find out all about this years series and the RESULTS...

Jon Marco Gaydos - Lucky Pro

Gaht Damn! This kid is out of control! We rode with him back in Barca and he was just an animal, boosting double his height out of quarters his first time hitting them, all with a huge grin on his face. The New Jersey native has clips from all over the world, as well as in his adopted home - TIC and this welcome to pro edit is well deserved and well worth a watch.

Blazer in Brizzle

These boys just know how to shred this city! Home of the brand who are making some serious waves with their new gear this year, Harry, Deano and Joe got out in the streets of Bristol and absolutely killed it. Keep it up lads!

Benj - Snowscoot 2015

YES I have been waiting for more Snowscoot footage from BenJ as its finally here and as incredible as you would imagine
BenJ has not only been one of the true OG's and pioneers of our sport but he's also practically the founder of snow scooter riding.
As always BenJ kills it with the video showing us exactly why he is where he is and why we all love him! This is a must watch

The Scooter Resource - SD Street Jam

Oh. My. God.
The Scooter Resource has dropped their video from what they captured at this years San Diego Street Jam and I can't even begin to explain how hyped I am right now! All the spots get royally torn up, everyone went in hard for sure. Stoked to see some people I've never seen or heard of just totally killing it along side some huge names like Issac Miller and David Coe.
This is an absolute stop everything you are doing right now and watch this video moment it is ridiculous!

Sacrifice's Next Big Thing Comes To London

The start of one of the biggest tours in the sport kicks off tomorrow in London. With 2000 quids worth of gear to give away, and the chance to make it through to the tour finals, this is one you can't miss.

Everything starts at 12pm at Better Extreme Skatepark in Dagenham, it's only £10 for riders and £5 to spectate, and is open to all riders. Music, contests, shredding and freebies - including 10 Sacrifice Flytes!  YESSSSS!

Devin Super Tramp - Freestyle Scooter Riding

Can you believe this came out over 2 and a half years ago! I remember when this dropped and everyone was going crazy about it.
To this day it racked in over 9 millions views and is still being watched by thousands each day!
This boosted the profile of scooter riding for sure and personally I would love to see a new one done, The scooter industry has changed a lot in those few years I think it would be interesting to see the level it is at now portrayed in front of that many people!

The D.C. Diaries

Its been a while since we have seen a full length video then what do you know this pops up in our subscription box!
Fat cat crew has put in 3 years of hard work filming and riding to drop their full length 'The D.C Diaries'. 
Riders like Matt McKeen, Alex Steadman, Sam Grove, Evan O'Toole, Parrish Issacs, David Coe, Erik Deptula and more give us 34 minute of some of the gnarliest sections we have seen for a while. not a dull minute is to be had watching this one and I can't stress enough how much we would love to see everyone go out and film the next rad full length!

Joe Armstrong - Web Edit 2015

Not quite beats to feeling of waking up to a new Joe Armstrong video.
I remember being out in Barcelona for worlds and Joe telling 'just wait until my next video man , it going to be all tech' from that point on i was excited and my god did it live up to the hype!
Joe is one of the best riders in the world when it comes to staying on one wheel and that is apparent right here, this is just down right stupid. Watching this I just found myself saying nope, impossible, can't be done, hacks and by the last clip i was just screaming at the screen.

Blunt X Envy X Fasen - Sweet Tooth Tour

The whole time this tour was happen I was watching all the clips keeping up to date with where they were going in hope that there were bringing out a video from the trip. Well they did and it's easily one of the best videos of this year!
Blunt/ Envy and Fasen are doing it right for sure when it come to touring this looked hectic! This video is everything they got up to while is the USA, it's 9 minute solid and incredible scooter riding. I found myself like screaming at the clips and just level of riding. 
This one is flying straight into my favourites list and I can guarantee it will make it into yours!

Jake Hershey - If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

God this video hit me right in the feelings!
Jake we are hyped for you man! What a trick and what guy.
Unless you have been living under a rock you should exactly who Jake Hurshey AKA the Hype is and if you haven't then I hope the rock is comfortable.
Jake is one of the nicest and busiest guys in the industry today but nothing will ever take away from Jakes love of just going out a riding!
This is a must watch and must digest. Listen to every word said get inspired and go out and land the trick you have always wanted!

District scooters - Woodward West 2015

District riders getting stuff done at Woodward east!
Mega ramps, huge wall plants and some killer technical shenanigans being throw down by some of the District USA and Euro riders. I always love when teams get together to film no matter what the place but went its at Woodward its always special and a great watch.
This one will set you up nicely for the weekend session!

Tommy vs Chunky - Madd Gear Flat Scoot 2

I don't think we have said this but we are really enjoying this years MGP Flat Scoot Battle.
I get way too excited when I see one of these videos in my subscription box. Easily the one match everything was looking forward to was Tommy Christiana vs. Elajwon Esperance. Both of these guys are incredible on flat ground really pushing the boundaries of what is even possible flat.

Now I don't want to spoil the winner so sit back watch and enjoy!

Gus Rymer | 2015

Gus Rymer you absolute machine, It is not right seeing this level of riding being made to look this easy!
We have always admired Gus for being able to give us such a diverse range of trick in his video. he could be hitting the Mega ramp with something that will leave you speechless then instantly jump to a rail clip will leave you more that make your jaw slam to the ground. All this and a lot of smiling, you can tell that Gus just loves every moment spent riding his scooter and that is what we like to see! Keep doing what you doing Gus cause we frigging love it!

Sacrifice Next Big Thing Tour

Sacrifice have just dropped the first details of what will be one of the biggest event tours we have seen in years! 15 events winging their way across 11 countries to find the Next Big Thing in scooter riding. 

Contests, prizes, giveaways, top pros and all the good stuff you could want will make these the MUST HIT events of the coming months. The tour begins in London a month today, and we will bring you more info as it comes in, stay tuned to Scoot Mag for all your NBT news...

Jack McCann - Scooter Hut II

Jack oh Jack oh Jack! The control this guy has on a scooter is mesmerizing to watch!
It's amazing to see jack being able to put out a new video on Facebook every other day and yet still have some new footage to throw into a video! Jack must ride and stack footy 24/7 but hey, we are not complaining!
Showing some love to Scooter Hut Jack gives us just under 2 and a half minutes of everything we love to see from him. I could literally watch Jack ride all day.

Skaterham Jam 2015

Skaterham, South London was the setting for one hell of a day of top notch scooter riding bringing together some of the UK’s best riders in its rather unique “former church” setting.

Joe Martin - Spring 2015

Blazer's Joe Martin just dropped this showing that he not only puts int he work behind the lens but also in front of it!
Straight out of Bristol Joe is one of the best technical riders in the UK with a killer ledge, rail and lip trick game. 
Joe has always been one of nicest guys to spend time with and I'm stoked to see him dropping new footage. Now where is that Bristol Crew full length you promised us!

Helmeri Pirinen - 2015

HELLLLLMEERRRIIIIIIIII! God it feels so good to be talking about this guy. Easily one of the most creative and fun people to ride a scooter!
You can always count on Helmeri to find the weirdest and most interesting spots to find, I'm pretty sure this guy could ride quite literally anything! Need evidence? Then get watching. Who else do you see bringing in props like a plastic box for clip. He is quite literally changing the game!
Oh and just before you press play, the last clip was in the rain! Mind = gone

Jared Adelson - Web Edit 4

Since we loved his 3rd web edit we were over the moon to see Jared is back dropping his 4th!
There is nothing better than seeing a guy just loves to ride scooters. Seeing Jareds reactions after ever trick he lands is just so refreshing to see cause you can tell he is loving ever seconds.
Its time to get gnarly and Jared takes every huge gap and drop to the next level almost making us want close our eyes and not watch at times, it looked hectic!

Jon Reyes - 2015

The king of balance has dropped his 2015 video making us all feel like 12 year olds at Christmas, whenever Jon announces a new video on the way it's fast become on of the most anticipated video of the year!
Jon delivers once again with a compilation of clips that will just leaving you thinking how? This guy is better on one wheel than i am on two!

So sit back and watch the master at work, all 3 minutes 50 seconds of it. Oh and prepare to loose your mind!

Harry Main, Tanner Fox - BMX vs Scooter

I was surprised when i spotted this in my sub box. Harry Main has been spending some time in USA recently and bumped into Tanner Fox from lucky scooters so they decided to have a flair off!
This is a pretty rad video none the less but what Harry says about half way through is huge "I don't give a shit if you ride a scooter, mountain bike, roller blades, RC car, as long you are having fun" Damn right Harry nails it.
this is so refreshing to hear from such a big in the action sports industry like Harry. It's something we and a lot of other people have been trying to say for years and takes it right back to the route of why anyone and everyone gets into these sports, to have fun!

Benjamin Friant - 2015

I love waking up to a BenJ video in the morning!
So if you ride scooters you should know exactly who Benj is and why we all love him! Not only is he one of the nicest guys on the circuit but one of the more ridiculous riders too. 
For a small guy Benj throws himself down the biggest drops and some hefty gaps all while doing some gnarly tricks that are all unique to him. this is not just an amazing video its a educational experience!

FISE 2015

Fise has fast becoming one of the biggest events on the scooter calendar, with world wide participants surrounded by a crown in their tens of thousands you can see why!
The festival vibe really shines through at Fise. You can really notice the riders socking up every but of energy to go bigger and bigger. Every rider threw down hard, i'm so bummed to no have made it out this year but i full suggest its one you put in your calender's now!

Apex Barcelona 2015

Its been well over a month since scooter riders took over Barcelona for Worlds and videos are still pumping out. This time is the Apex guys taking center stage with Pol Acena behind the lens, Get hyped!
Darcy, Dylan and Cooper look they are right at hom in the amazing city that is Barcelona. Firing out hammers after hammers quite literally all day everyday. I spoke to Pol during this weekend and he said how great is it to work with these guys as they are just so good to work with as they can pile in footage nailing trick upon trick.
An absolute must watch for anyone and everyone. incredible riding, Killer camera work and a heck load of enjoyment for those watching!

District Barca Sessions 2015

Wow. This team is too stacked! Along with all of the rad teams that we covered in ISSUE 22, the District boys were also absolutely killing it out in the city of shred - Barcelona. Destroying the streets and the skatepark, the worldwide team along with filmer Pol Acena have put together an absolute stunner here. Personal highlights have to be Cam's outrageousness on the front wheel (seriously bro...) and Coedie killing the mini ramp, but this one is a must watch for absolutely sure...

MGP Flat Scoot Continues...

We are straight up addicted! Loving the higher level of riding, upped production value, and all round awesome quality of this years series. Today's episode sees all round monster Gus Rymer take on Alex Pinaha, check it out, and catch new games each Wednesday and Friday...

Antoine Gossuin in Barca

It seems like every day there is a new kid who is better than we will ever be. The latest to surface is young Antoine Gossuin who recently took a trip to Barcelona with Blazer. Absolutely rediculous stuff, especially out of that crooked grind. Famous spots and technical stunts, this one is well worth a watch, and that crooked to decade was an absolute stunner...

Ray for Envy

We love Raymond Warner. You love Raymond Warner. Hell if you don't love this guy, then what's wrong with you!? Individual tricks, huge gaps, massive airs, and a just an all round absolute shredder. After months with the Australian brand, he has finally released his welcome to Blunt/Envy edit and it doesn't dissapoint. Banger was too gnarly, and you have to watch it right now...

Uniun - The Greatest Hits

As my keyboard begins to float in a river of tears, i bring you the news that Uniun, everyone's favourite purveyor of T-shirtery, is dead. Whilst they may be on their way out, they have put together a video of their greatest hits, which may well be my favourite thing on the internet ever. All the bangers, all the laughs. This one is the real deal.

Curtis Morris - Bangers V2

Gaht DAYUM. Bangers is spot on! Curtis Morris has been away in hiding, building up those ninja nunchuck skills, and comes back with this collection of hammers courtesy of Ginog. So. Many. Rewinds.

Jack Colston - Welcome to River Wheel Co

You know its going to be gnarly when is has Jack The Ripper in the title!
Jack is not scared to throw himself into the big tricks for sure, he make take a few hits on the way but he gets the job done and we are hyped!
Stoked to see this guy rolling for River now, His effortless Street style is going to fit right in with the rest of the team.

Justin Carter - Welcome To Madd Gear

By the end of this video i just found myself laughing, i have no words!
Juzzy what the? Like damnnn, I can't even! This has got to be one of the most outrageous things I've seen this year. Every trick just melts my brain, and that even after the 4th, 5th and 6th watch. 
Juzzy brings a new element to every style of riding showing people no matter what style you have there is always a new trick to do!

The Churchill Brothers

I cant imagine what is like to have you brother as your best friend and who you ride with everyday but i can imagine its pretty cool. That is exactly What its like for Luke and Nathan who have just come back fresh from worlds both getting in the top 20!
I can't stress enough how rad these two guys are not only as people but as rider. this is show through the video perfectly there are just two guys who are just having fun riding their scooters every day and that is what it is all about.


Blunt are an absolute power house when it comes to dropping video right now! Hey, we are not complaining. 
My brain cant handle what these 3 guys get up to. You're all always getting something new and fresh when you see these infront of a camera and its beyond a joy to watch.
I'm going to be watching this one of repeat for a few days, this is the one to get you pumped for a session!

Madd Gear - Barcelona 2015

Well my god this captured those Barcelona vibes perfectly and now I want to do it go back!
Amazing work infront and behind the lens here showcasing Madd's time out in BCN for worlds aswell as some of the top highlights from other riders.
Long story short this is best video I have seen Madd bring out for sure and if you want to see some killer riding with the biggest tricks in the sport, click play right now!

Lewis Crampton - Utopia

Lewis has had an incredible year with multiple abroad trips, the opening of his shop and much more.
Well lucky for us Lewis has been filming a tone throughout his travels and threw this beauty together! We all admire Lewis for always managing to show up something new and for the most part impossible, I mean like these fufanu combos are getting a bit out of hand!

Jack McCann - BCN x Marseille

I don't actually think i can watch Jack McCann videos anymore, my brain simply can't handle it!
Jack flew out to Barcelona for worlds and took a little trip to Marseille aswell to stack footy to produce this killer video.
We are no strangers to watching Jack produce line after line of hammers. No only are the trip just beyond stupid but the European setting really suits Jacks riding style. Seeing him throw down at some iconic spots is a real treat. This is a must watch to kick your week off!

Jon deVrind - Tictac

Ahhhhh, waking up to a new Jon Dev video is always a good thing!
Man this guy just is always going at full throttle i swear, every time Jon puts a video out its always filled with new and inventive combos that we have never seen before. Soon this will escalate into tricks i'm sure are created through CGI or something!
Its crazy to think how entertaining Jon can be with 2 minutes of ledge footage!

Charley Dyson - 2015

We all remember sometime last year Charley dropping a huge video for a 6 year old right? well hes just been picked up by Madd gear to represent them on the flow team, a perfect excuse to get out and film a new video!
Unless you've been living under a rock you should know by now exactly who Charley is, for those who don't is one hell of a scooter rider and at just 7 years old i think we are looking a future World Champ for sure!

Blunt - London

The Blunt guys took their antics to the parks and streets of London a couple of week ago, my god they did not disappoint! 
Borderline wizardry from there guys. the technical aspect in their riding is just unreal. Really digging all the content Blunt and Envy are bringing out lately and just can not wait to see more if it!

Jara Mini Soukup - 2015

What a freaking machine!
Jara Mini Soukup as spent the best part of a year traveling and touring around the world melting peoples minds and stack a whole bunch of footage.
After watching this I now genuinely believe that Jara is a robot or some over species far superior to humans. This was outrageous, from Double Flair and Frontflip inward combos to some tasty technical riding that can compete with the top street dogs.
Jara shows that hes still about and throwing some of the best tricks every to be done with little to no effort. Mad props, mad video hell yeah!

Southwest Tour Scooter Film

Video's like this don't come very often, grab some popcorn get comfortable you are in for one hell of a treat.
Klaar,Barrett, Bechtle, Hershey, Armstrong, Devrind, Saalik, Upchurch, Smirnoff and Bonner all on the road for an entire month through South West America. This can only go well but well just inst enough, this is the best video of 2015 so far and I don't think its going to be topped for a long while!
I love these guy and it's truly satisfying watching this. For me this is what Scooter riding is about. It takes it right back to the roots, where it all began. Just a bunch of friends with there scooters hanging around, riding and having a good time. There is nothing greater than that.

London Street Jam 2015 Offical Video

London Jam went of this year! The amount this event has grown in just a year is incredible, we are always happy to support it
This year with £1000 up for grabs it attracted quite the crowd with people from all over the world coming to throw down!
It was truly one of the best days this year and this video is a great representation of that, big up T-bone for the win and splitting the cash with Jessee!

Nick Tedrick - 2015

Finally Nick gets his redemption on that monstrous 20 stair!
MGP's Nick Tendrick is one of those rider who is just as good on transition as his is in the streets and on the rails. So much rad footage compiled together showing us what Nick has got up too this year so far and its a heck of a lot! One of my favorites this year for sure, Killer right throughout with a tasty hammer at the end!

Matt McKeen - Welcome to Proto

Unless you have been living under a rock you should know exactly who Matt McKeen is.
It wasn't too long ago that Matt announced his departure from Addict leaving us all to think what is next for him.
Well here it is and we could not be more stoked to see this happen. Matt is a rad guy and one the best street riders in the business, do I sense some signature parts coming potentially?

Pheonix Scooters - Le Clippers

Dan Barrett the Pigeon whisperer?
It sure does look like Tyler and Dan had a rad few weeks touring in Paris and then heading over the UK. No matter where these two guys are you can always expect them to throw down in front of the camera.
This is defiantly one to watch if you want to get yourself in the mood for a session, Both riders always being some new and inventive tricks to the table, I could watch this one over and over again.

Jon deVrind - HD Dirty

The Jon Dev footage train just never stops rolling!
Once again Jon pumps out another killer video part. This guy seems to be on top from releasing new video upon new video all bring something new to the table.

Cory Fuller - Welcome To Blazer Pro

Blazer Pro Welcome's UK's Cory fuller
After seeing a rad clip or too from Cory i'm stoked to see him repping for Blazer! Cory has got a insane progression rate and is no stranger to lacing down banger after banger!
I look forward to what we can see from Cory In the future.

Dialed 2015

Dialed last year was one of the standout events for me, getting everyone in one place is always a good thing and seeing some of the top riders in the world throwing down at Rampworx Skatepark is really quite something.
This year everything kicked up a few gears! More riders bigger comp and a place in the ISA World and European finals were at stake!
We had a crazy day, the level of riding in both the AM and Pro sections was outrageous! And the street jam was a perfect was to round of the event. Can't wait for next year!


Well that was just stupid.
Lambert Judith is easily one of the best technical riders out there. He links tricks together like no other making it look far to easy. 
This new Release from the AO ride is just something else, found myself having to go back and re-watch a majority of the clips.

Void ISPO Tour

The road to ISPO can often be long and tedious, luckily for the Voids guys they know exactly how to use their time!
Lewis, Soly, Mason and Darren all embarked on a European tour stopping of at some hectic indoor parks. Void always drop some of the best tour videos around. Liam Eyles never disappoints when it comes to delivering a masterpiece.
Riding wise damn! These boys were going in hard the whole trip it seems. Some really solid footage from all the riders. The stuff from ISPO itself was outrageous, they dominated that event for sure!

Madd Gear Big Air Finals

It's about freaking time something like this happennd, its been a long time coming!

Madd gear step up to the plate to make the frist ever big air contest for scooters, this is such a big step in the right direction and it couldn't have gone any better!

What to know who took the the crown?  Watch right now!

BLUNT - Abu Dhabi, Dubaï

Blunt are easily bringing out the best videos around right now but this one just tops them all!

Charlies and Flavio are two of the best people to watch ride together, you really get some great vibes from these guys and some Incredible riding to go with it!

Straight up this is one of the best videos of this year without a doubt!

Jake B-Smith - Wintech

Jake B-Smith is one of the worlds most underrate riders, this guy can literally blow your mind now matter what he rides!
Jake recently dropped his 'Wintech' showcasing all his technical shenanigans from this winter and just as you expect its freaking ridiculous! 
This guys never stops with one banger he always looks for a way to better it and push himself further. ON of the best riders in the UK without a doubt!

Haske Street Jam 2015

My god this was one heck of an event!
We were lucky enough to head out to Barcelona this year to witness the insanity of the Haske Street Jam. Its safe to say we got exactly what we came for!
Roots boy does a killer job of capturing the madness throughout the day, it feels so good to watch it all again and I highly suggest you all get out to next years!

Enzo Commeau - 841 Signature Wheels

Enzo has got to be one of the best all round ride on the planet. Just as good at all the technical stuff as he is boosting over a box with come next combo!
The wheel promo is on a new level showing over ever aspect of Enzo's killer riding. Mad props to Enzo for this video and the sig wheel, I am looking forward to watch comes from this guy in the future!

Joel Karhu - Welcome to Saccy

Yeah. This kid can shred. With an efortless blend of Finnish style and nutty bangers, this is a top signing by Sacrifice as they begin to build their European team, let's hope there's more to come!

ISPO Highlights 2015

ISPO is the biggest trade show in Europe. It has been host to the sport of scooter riding for 3 years now each year brining something new and interesting to the table!
Liam Eyles comes in hot with a killer highlights video that could be my favourite work from him. From little Soly and Darren using the park to its full potential to Lewis Williams and some of the European guys showing the crowd the literal definition of being stylish and Jara 'Mini' Soukup just straight up tearing that course a new one, like damnnnnnnnn Mini freaking kills it! Front inward over that tiny box whhhaatttttt!
This a Compolsory watch for everyone and I seriously suggest you get yourself to ISPO next year!

Lewis Crampton - District Pro

Leeeewwwiiissss! Yes, about time our guy Lewis Crampton got stepped up to the pro team for District. No one deserves it more than this guy!
Lewis technical wizardry makes our jaw's drop once again. The lines, the combos, its all just a bit to much to handle and get your head around to be honest. Just wait for the last trick, that was all kinds of messed up.
Its been a real killer year for Lew with all these new hookups and the opening of his shop in Grimsby and it's only going to get better from here! Big up Crampton!

Yes Please - Friends & Fam

Yes yes annnnddd yes, this is what I'm talking about!
Yes please, Friendly and Fam Hungry crews team up to produce one of my favourite videos this year!
This is what it's all about, going out and just riding and enjoying yourself. These guys also happen to tear it up at the same time, so many killer clips in this video it gets my so hyped. In fact I might have to give this another watch and then go for a session, I recommend you do the same!

Fluckrrr - Winter 2K15

Any footage Edy Flückiger brings out is pure gold!
Everything I see Edy do blows my mind, easily one of the best all round riders in the world today with a bag of tricks that trumps almost any rider.
From sounds outrageous rail game to some killer transition riding Edy totally kills it. One of my favourite videos this year form one of my favourite riders.

Purple Eyes - Part 2 Punchliner

These Purple Eyes videos just couldn't come sooner, after watch one part I just crave.
Seeing any type or riding from these is a treat let alone all thrown into one video. Padel, Pesenti, Ikedah and Upchurch all dominating the streets of southern France and Spain. This is 11 minuites of some of the finest scooter riding to date!
This is compulsory watch for everyone. Now hurry up I need part 3!

Kai Saunders - KOVU

Mini killer alert! Daannngggg Kai Saunders this was tooo good.
This may be a short video but it delivers everything you need. Kai has got one of nicest riding styles ive ever seen, so much talent is oozing out of this little guy. Every trick and every line was just on point! 
The Kovu guys are definitly killing it laltely aslways bringing out the dopes footy

T Pritch For District

Last year's Rule Your Disctrict "Steeze Award" winner Trevor Prichard is back with his brand new part for District and Eagle. Straight up East Coast style, SD filming, and more gnarly handrails than you could shake a stick at mean this one is a killer from the young shredder. Starting out with one of the nastiest slams of the year and ending with one of the gnarliest rails, peep this one fo sho...

ISA World Championships - Park Highlights

Last years ISA World Championships was one of the best weekends of all time! The competition was better and closer than ever.
Nickeh just dropped this ace video off all the highlights from that weekend, seeing all laid out really does make you think how great it was, I can't wait for this year!

Ackermann X Rodriguez X Roman - Barcelona

Three incredible riders all flown out to Barca to test the new Elliott Arnold sig deck, this can only go well!
Ghessseee my brain need a little cool down after this one. All three of these guys showed Barca what's up! Both stylish and killer lines throughout the entire 5 minutes with some of the best riding I've seen for a while from Brad! 

Capron Funk - Last Weekend In California

Lucky's Capron Funk is starting a new chapter in his life by moving out of California and into new territory. He made this video to say farewell to place that made him the rider he is today.
There is no denying that Capron is one of the most talented riders in the world and it must be scary for him to be start fresh in a new area. We wish Capron all the best on his new adventure. Lets just hope we get to see even more footage!

Brandon James - Cali Mobbin

New Brandon video, don't mid if i do!
It doesn't matter who you are or what you like to ride, when watching Brandon ride you can't help but enjoy!
Brandon leaves us is a state of awe everything he steps in front of the camera and this Cali video is the perfect example as to why!

Jesse Bayes | Quick Release

You are going to find your self continuously going back and replaying ever clip just to even remotely understand what just happened.
Jesse is just not human,  he makes light work of that scooter and really does stretch what is even possible. prepare, cause you are going to be picking up your jaw from the ground after this one!

Ryan Becker - 2015

There has been a lot of buzz about this video which is 100% justified, my god Ryan Becker you are something else!
From the first clip to the last it is just banger upon banger upon banger and it does not disappoint by any means!
Ryan has got one of the best tech games in the business, those FS 5050's are to die for. but one second your seeing some mind bending ledge or rail trick then the next he's getting huge and upside down! This was incredible!

Jon Dev - Ruckus

Oh a new Jon Dev video, well i know how this is going to go!
AHHHHH! Jon once again tears my mind apart with his unreal technical sorcery!
It amazes me how this guy can bring out so much footage but always have some new to deliver every damn time! You are a wizard Jon.

Kinna & Juzzy - Welcome To Scooter Hut

This is one of those 'What the hell did I just watch' moments.
Scooter Hut welcome's  Vince Kinna and Justin Carter in what might be on of my favourite doubles videos to date.
These two both kill it, with every clip delivered with such a nice style and all to the sound of a bit of Jamiroquai made this video super easy and fun to watch.
Juzzy never stops amazing me, he does the most outrageous stuff that has my my jaw firmly set on the ground.

Terry Price Lets You Call The Shots

The pioneer on this sport dropped a cheeky call the shots video last night and it is everything you can expect form Mr Terry Price! 

Dub flips, silly ice combo and some rather tasty bails! It's safe to say Terry has still got it!

Lewis Williams - 2014 Scraps

God damn it Lewis you've done it again.
There is no doubt that Lewis Williams is one of the most stylish and best riders in the world. With his new range of signature products now in stores you could say he is in a pretty good place ride now.
Lewis calls these scraps.. When really it is a video that perfectly showcases why he is where he is today and we bloody love it!

Connor Nimmo - New Year Welcoming

Connor Nimmo can quite literally ride anything.
From flying high doing the biggest park tricks you've seen to lacing down some killer tech and street lines all delivered with such an effortless style. Connor is one of the best all round riders in the UK for sure!

Jared Jacobs - Leftovers

Excuse me did you say leftovers? Nahhhh

Jared must know like some secret to filming sick footy cause every single clip is just on point.

He never steps a foot out of place with his silky smooth style and endless bag of tricks. I could watch him ride day in and day out!

Koke X Herncjar - Throne Scooters

I have a real love for doubles video's and this one is up there with my all time favourites! 
The vibes, the riding and the music were all just perfect! Both Andy and Ian absolutely kill it.
I was short but sweet and i can't get enough! Really hyped to get out and ride now!

Jamie Hull - Park Life 3

Jamie Hull is already one of the worlds leading riders at only 12 years old. 
I swear nothing phases this guy, he does trick most of us would dream to do! Give Jamie a trick and there is no doubt he will get it!
Who else do you see doing Double Flip No-Handers to wood on a daily basis? 

Upchurch & Devrind - Crispy Knits

These two never stop producing the goods!
Jon Devrind and Ryan Upchurch get together once again, this time to showcase some fresh clothing from Grit and Crisp.
We all know the drill by now, if these guys release anything new its a must watch. Both riders have a crazy amount of style and a untouchable tech game. Whatever these two are doing I'm always 100% onboard

Matt McKeen - River Wheel Co

When Mr McKeen drops a new video it's 100% compulsory to watch.
River Wheel Co welcomes Matt McKeen with a new release showcasing everything we love from one of the most influential street riders in the game. 
Full throttle action from Matt as he destroys every spot making it all look far to easy. I think I will go watch this one another 5 times.

Nickehfilms - Action Sports Showreel

This might not necessarily be a scooter video but we must share it for a number of reasons!
As I'm sure you are all aware Nick started out filming scooter videos and even rode himself. I remember when 'The Weekend Chronicles' first came out, that video was like my favourite for years!

Jake Sorensen - Hella Classic

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this video the past few days. With good reason to, Jake absolutely slays it here.
Infamous style with and outrageous bag of tricks is all that can be said for this. The perfect video to get you psyched for the New Year.

Jake Clark - Welcome to Grit Scooters

Well I didn't see that one coming!
Jake Clark has jumped ship after years with Envy scooter to take new a direction with Grit!
No denying that Jake has one of the nicest park styles in the game, Also got some of the most outrageous tricks in the game. Every time Jake bring out a new video we are all left speechless, this is no exception, The guy is a wizard!

Hunter Bechtle - Elyts Footwear

Hunter is an animal!
Undoubtedly one of if not the best rail game in the world. Mix that in with Rudy behind the lens and we have one heck of a video.
Hunter always surprises me when he bring out new footage but this was just far beyond what we have seen from him before. Gnarliest video this year!


Relax crew are feeling festive and dropped their Christmas video.
These guys are always pumping our the freshest footy the quite simply can never get boring!
Merry Christmas All!

The Real Joe Armstrong

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending a few days with Joe while he was out in the UK on tour. He's uch a kind and humble guy that just loves to ride and have a good time. I was beyond stoked when he took a deserved 3rd place at this years World Championships!

Ryan Gould - River Wheel Co

Ryan Is one of cleanest and most stylish riders around, so it's no surprise that he was picked up by River Wheels a while back.
It's always a treat seeing footage from Ryan. He's consistently killing it with the fast and steezy lines.

Jon DeVrind - Signature Deck Promo

We are not ashamed to say that Jon DeVrind is one of our favourite people in the scene. He is a lovely guy and an incredible rider.
This is why no one deserves signature parts more  the Jon and I am so pleased its happening. 
Now let's talk about this video, wow. I didn't think it was possible but Jon has stepped it up. The ledge and rail combos can't be touched, Jon just straight up kills it.

Директива (Directive) Н-15.6

Grinding cars, riding logs and cruising the streets in the summer of Siberia.
There is a story behind this video and its all really captivating and interesting seeing what the scene and culture is like in other parts of the world
The whole video was shot really well and the riding was sick aswell. I would love to see more videos from rider in countries we don't usually see often

Jack Colston - Bar Promo

My god this was so freaking rad!
Jack Colston Is one gnarly bugger, every single clips was just so damn good and it just kept getting better. What kind of nutcase even looks at that last trick and thinks it's a good idea!

Vincent Kudrna - It's What I Do

We all know who Vincent Kudrna is. Rides for Fasen, Bring out videos that actually makes you question what is possible? Yeah that's him. 
This time round we not only get to see Vincent blow our mind with a banger or 10 but also give us an in-site into his whole scooter career.

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