Helmeri Pirinen's Summer Edit

Helmeri - Summer 2016

We all know that Helmeri Pirinen loves a weird and janky spot, but this latest edit takes weird and janky spots to a whole new level. Hell, to all bar one scooter rider in the world, these just aren't spots at all! I counted a sum total of 1 standard spot in the whole 4 minutes of this edit, and this is exactly why we love the crazy Fin. Smile on face, beer in hand, landing in gravel. That's the Finnish way...

Dissidence scooter street jam in Paris France

Dissidence Street Jam V7

Yet another epic Dissidence Street Jam is in the books.  This year was the 7th instalment of the event and it did not disappoint.  As always riders from all over the world came together to the streets of Paris to push themselves and their sport in an atmosphere that words cannot describe.  Didine took the cash this year but as far as we are concerned any one who took part in the event is a winner.  On a side note, we might have to give this one a PG13 rating! 


Justin Phillips Summer Video 2016 tooth hanger

Justin Phillips - Summer 2016

Justin is one of those riders who literally does not stop.  Always riding, always filming and always pushing himself.  The precision and commitment it takes to do so many of these tricks is seriously overlooked and we cannot get enough.  The move to AO seems to be fitting him very well and we look forward to seeing more from him as he continues his journey.  Obviously the banger was insane but we were also super hyped on the double peg up. Stop reading and click play. 


Blunt Scooters Flow Team Madrid Trip

Blunt Flowmies - Madrid

Ready to see a bunch of dudes born after 1998 show you up? The Blunt Euro flow team is freaking rediculous. With one of the heaviest pro teams in the game, they now have a bunch of young guns ready to follow it. With some of Madrid's world famous parks and spots shredded to bits, this one is a must see. Nelson Charles, Ivan Jimenez, Jani Vuorela, Matis Neyroud & Simon Waneskog - oh they coming...

Ashton Martin - Welcome to Scooters Canada

Ashton Martin came out of nowhere and shocked the entire east coast of Canada by shutting down some classic Ontario and Quebec spots.   He recently got picked up by scooters canada and this welcome edit shows exactly what type of work he put in to earn his spot on the team.  Helmet or no helmet it really does not matter when you are throwing down.  The last clip really speaks for itself and we cannot wait to see more from him in the future! 


Nick Donatelli Signature Bar Promo

OG ALERT.  So many riders have a style that is timeless and never gets old.  Nick has been in the game longer than most and we love seeing these riders pushing themselves to continue to evolve and stay relevant in the exponentially growing and progressing world of scootering.  Some of his staple tricks that he has been throwing down for years come out here and man are they clean.  Natural talent is one thing, but hours spent riding will always trump that and Nick has lots of both. 


Chicago Street Jam 2016

Back to back street Jam posts???? DAMN STRAIGHT.  Every year these jams seem to somehow ramp it up a notch when your left thinking how could this possibly get any better? Beer, homies, scooters and bangers. What else do you need?  Love seeing the variety of riders and styles all coming together to just ride.  Still trying very hard to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing Nick send that phat 3 down a 10 FLAT 10. Props to you Tedrick, props to you and everyone else who came out and killed it. 


SD Jam 2016 - Official

Dayum. The SD Jam is insane! Only 2 years into the annual event, it has become one of the biggest on the planet. This year, tying it into the SD 10 weekend was a work of genius, and shredders from all over the world were in San Diego to join the mayhem. Double A Video's roundup just dropped and it's a beaut. The local filmer knows how to put together a highlight video, an we're sure picking the highlights from that crazy day was no mean feat - they must have been popping every few seconds!

Noé Bouchard - Fasen 2016

We’re not sure what it is about brothers and scooters but man do they seem to go together well. I don’t even know where to start with this one. Noe can make his scooter do literally anything he wants proving that he will be far from stuck in the shadow of his brother Remi. A solid mix of street and park which is a bit different from what you might expect from a Fasen pro but we back it hard. This is one to watch again and again and then again one more time!

Jacob Pearcey - Technicality

Having recently made the move from Chilli Pro to AO Jacob decided to release the footage he had stacked so far and it does not disappoint.  This edit features mostly street footage with a few park clips mixed in as well.  Jake is a technical wizard who can do tons of manny combos and whip / bar / spin any way he wants.  This is just a taste of what is to come from him in the near future so be on the lookout!  This one is short but it will leave you wanting more.  


Speak Easy - Mankong

TBH, we'd have loved this part if we had switched off our monitor and just kicked it to the fat Outkast tune. That said, we are damn glad we did watch, cos Mankong got moves. It's short, sweet, and stylish. All killer, no filler, and his front board is one of the most enviable in the game...

Jim Royle Kills It

If you grew up in the UK in the 90s, odds are you and your family sat around the TV every week to watch The Royle Family. It was pretty much the funniest thing on the telly, and if you never caught it, you should. We know it is hilarious. What we didn't know, is that star of the show Ricky Tomlinson is a badman scooter shredder who lives under the foam pit at Liverpool's Rampworx skatepark...

Dissidence California Trip

Anytime we see a video coming out from the Dissidence boys we already know its going to be a banger. This one features JD, Porcial, Boris and friends.  As usual there is tons of fast riding, tech moves and proper lines all filmed beautifully by Rudy and Salim who both have some awesome clips of their own in here.  While in Cali the boys hit up Woodward of course, some solid street spots and even a few local shops.  Keep a close eye out at the end, some real legends making cameos! 


Cole Zimmerman - Couple Days in Cali

For any Canadian kid who loves to ride, a trip to California is almost like a right of passage and Cole is no stranger to the big ramps of Cali parks.  Fresh off of his 1st place win at SDX in the amateur division Cole filmed this edit while he was still out there and it is easy to see why the Canadian mini machine took the win.  Smooth style, solid tricks and one of the kindest little dudes you will ever see shredding a scooter showing us the potential that Kota saw in him. 

SDX Skatercross Highlights

We were a little skeptical about the use of the new skatercross course for SD 10 last weekend before the contest. Judging two different disciplines fairly is always tough, and not letting riders drop a score can make them less likely to push themselves. WE NEEDN'T HAVE WORRIED! The dudes absolutely throw down. Cam's 360 "no grab" Toboggan was obscene - like X rated. And Hunter's double inward to late-whip was super tech. Tonnes of bangers, and enormous bails; this one is a must watch.

Pro Freestyle 2016 RESULTS

After a rain disturbed, but still banger first comp in Heerlen-Limburg, Pro-Freestyle is back with it's main event in The Hague in the Netherlands. With a massively increased number of sports and riders. This will be the premiere Action Sports competition in the Netherlands this year, and you can expect fireworks in the scooter comp with a stacked riders list. 

Richie Cook

Wow. This kid is outrageous. A 16 year old shredder out of New Jersey, who has definitely just made a name for himself. Obviously learning from the best the North East has to offer, Richie is definitely the next big thing out of that corner of the World. There were stacks of jaw dropping moments in this one - The feebzer/tailslidey stuff was all next level, and that 360 nosebonk-downside whip was up there with our favourite tricks of the year. Hell yeah Richie.

Kota & Crew Hit Clairemont

Kota has quite the squad. With the multiple world champ, his multiple inwarding bro, and a squad of rediculous upcomers, the KOTA brand has quite a team. In preparation for the upcoming SD contest, the boys decended on the home of So Cal scooter riding - The YMCA Skatepark in Clairemont, San Diego. Featuring some rad riding, including that nutty triple inward we shared a couple days back, as well as fun and hi-jinks from the lads, this is a great vlog/riding vid combo. Really want to see that mini to walride gap included in their comp runs!

The SDX Weekend Is Here

The largest scooter event in the Americas has finally arrived. After a cancelled first attempt in it's usual date slot in January, it's back bigger and better with extra awesomeness rolled in. With a brand new format for the pro comp, featuring that nutty skatercross course, as well as 10 grand up for grabs, you know you want to get involved with the 10th anniversary. Hit the jump to get the info...

MGFS3 - Final

It's here. The final. A repeat of the second tournament, it's District's gravity defying duo - Hayden Tansley and Tommy Christiana. Can Hayden be the first ever to beat Tommy? Or can Christiana go three for three, check out the crazy final now...

Next Level Tramp Scootin

This guy is a freakin WIZARD! There is definite magic at work here. JoJo Valasquez is a resident at Woodward West, and whilst he claims to be a hockey player, we're betting he spends most of his time in the Woodward trampoline hall. The way he slings that tramp scoot about is just obscene, and whilst it is pretty removed from regular riding, you can't help but be blown away by his skills.

Joncolin Senka - AO

AO had a damn good filming session this summer. Hunter, Justin, Trintan, and now Joncolin. "Joncolin who?" i hear you say. Yeah, we hadn't heard of him before the North American champs either, but he is rediculously sick. Some badass steeze, and apparently balls of steel, he deservedlu scored a spot at the ISA finals, and now scores a place on our top edits of 2016. That huge wallride drop-in thing was straight savage...

Clayton & Derek - Kansas City

If you've been keeping an eye on Clayton Lindley and Derek Seay's social media, you will have seen that they have been repping out in Missouri, showing off the sport in an All Wheel Sports show. It sounds like a rad way to spend a summer, but with 3 shows a day, 6 days a week, we assumed Insta clips would be the best we would get - the guys have gotta eat and sleep eh!?

But Clayton and Derek have been making the most of any down time they've had in Kansas City, and have put together a rad video, showing off the huge skateparks the area has, as well as their amazing southwest stylings. Loving the collab between these two top shelf shredders, and props for introducing scooters to new folks every day. 

PS - Clayton that bri-buttecup straight was ludicrous...

Speak Easy - Full Length

The time, passion and determination it takes to make a quality full part is hugely underestimated. Therefore making a full length video with parts from 7 riders is beyond most. "Speak Easy" is Speak Apparels 2nd full length, and it is a progression in every way. Featuring the incredible riding of  Nate Gendron, Bobby Pantano, Michael Mankong, Justin Paquette, Dennis Levesque, Ben Bursell, Brian Griffin, and capturing everything that makes up their crew, Speak Easy is a triumph. If you have 40 minutes to spare, then click play. If you don't, then clear your schedule...

Tommy Christiana - 2016

Tommy pretty much single handedly defines modern scooter riding. He can't be put in a box. He is standing on every box.

His 2016 edit may only contain 2 minutes of footage, but they are arguably the most progressive 2 minutes of footage you will see all year. Keep firing tommy...

Ethan Kirk - Olympic Training

We lost our minds when we saw this dud shredding his local indoor back in the winter. Turns out the dude can handle the streets too. The speed at which he goes at everything is just crazy, and how nuts is that first feature!? Ethan definitely has a bit of early Mckeen about his style, which is pretty much the biggest compliment we can give. Hit play on this one, you will enjoy it all, especially those enders. They stoopid...

Warick Beynon is El Chapo

How bloomin long did we have to wait for this one Waz!? Over 6 months since his deck launched, and god knows how long since his last full edit, it is waaaay too long since we got our Wazzeh fix! But boy was it worth it. The dude is still absolutely outrageous, and his switch game is pretty much untouchable. That back-board to inward was our highlight, but the whole thing is fire from begging to end.

Welcome back Waz...

Charley Dyson - 2016

The kid is 8! EIGHT YEARS OLD! What the hell is happening to the world!?

But seriously, this kid has put in serious work, is always at events, and is always smiling. Keep it up Charley, and props to Ginog on the film and edit.

Leo Spencer - 2 Days

This kid is rediculous. How the hell do you get all these clips in 2 days! Leo's blend of huge bangers and outrageos tech is amazing, and those full-whips are next level. After killing it on the contest scene, and progressing like an absolute madman in the last year, we are stoked to have gotten an interview with him back in our spring issue. Get a load of this, then grab a copy of issue 24 in the shop or the app...

Didine X Perroni

There's something going on here. I just don't buy it. No rider can have this much technical skill, let alone 2 from the same brand and country. I'm calling shenanigans....

Kai Saunders - Hell On Wheels

THIS KID! Good lawd! Such mind bending precision, Kai is arguably the finest young Australian on a scooter right now. With that tic-tac style mated with some big lines thrown in for good measure, we challenge anyone to not be blown away by this kid. Final shoutout to Kai for the delay on getting this beaut up on the site sooner, we were away for a coupla days mate!

Nitro World Games - Live & Results

It's here. Arguably the biggest exposure ever for the sport of scootering - The Nitro World Games. Live online and in NBC prime time this Saturday, Jordan Clark, the Funk Bros, Dakota Schuetz and Ryan WIlliams will battle it out for the crown on the Giganta ramp in Salt Lake City, Utah...

Cooper Klaar - Cooper Klaar

You know when a band is really proud of an album, and they name it after themselves? We get the feeling that Coops felt similarly about this edit, and deservedly so. Pure radness from the Pacific North West shredder, who harnesses the pure essence of creativity. For every kid chasing the next NBD, Klaar is the one you wan't to be looking toward. The fakie landings (and grinds) in this are just obscene, and the commitment on those super sketchy transitions cannot be questioned. Yet another must watch from Cooper...

Justin Phillips - 30 days in Europe

Well this trip was productive, leading to 2 of the finest street edits this year. After Hunter's dropped the other day, we weren't expecting anything else big from the AO boys for a while. Boy where we wrong. Rudy and Justin have made something unreal. Our thoughts just go out to all those pegs and rails that J Philly destroyed in the making of this video...

Dante Hutchinson - 2016

This Mike A fella knows how to put together a dope edit, and that Dante bloke knows how to throw a scoot around! Now with a few edits under his belt, Mike Alford has really got to grips with making scooter vids, and this is pure flycam awesomeness. If you are a fan of beautiful HD steadicam stuff, you came to the right place. Dante's riding is predictably rad, with some huge tricks at his local that he knows like the back of his hand. We would have liked to see him hit some more spots, but he rides the Eastbourne park so damn well, we are just gonna sit back and watch it all again...

Hunter Bechtle - AO

GOOD LAWD. Whatever Hunter's eatin, i need to get me some. This edit was freakin rediculous. The style, the technicality, the creativity and the size are all there in abundance. I seriously did not see Hunter releasing this edit a couple of years ago. Massive props to you dude. This is one for the books...

Jake Clark - Elite

Looks like Jake has found himself a new home whilst staying right at the old one - He really can shred that park. This one is classic Jake; pure mind-melters and a banger that will make you weep. This kid has stunts...

Madd Gear Flat Scoot 3

Hell Yes! It's Back! Our favourite online contest of the year is back, and the first 3 bouts are online and ready for your viewing pleasure, including both of last year's finalists taking on newcomers. Everyone has stepped up their game, and we have already seen some upsets, so who will take the 2016 crown!?

Hugo Velter - Sacrifice

Damn son! When you start your edit with a truckdriver down the La Defense stairset, you know it is going to be a hectic video! Hugo Velter is Sacrifice's new phenom, and has gone in on his welcome to edit. After coming close to the win at this years' Paris Jam, and clearly being rediculously talented, this dude has a serious future ahead of him, and that Saccy team goes from strength to strength...

Scooter Jam Series - This Weekend

The all new Scooter Jam Series kicks off this weekend and we couldn't be more stoked that there is a new British events sereis. The first stop lands at Prevail in Poole on Saturday, so hit the jump to find out everything you need!

ISA Finals Day Highlights

BOOOM! What a bloody day! 12 hours of rediculousness from start to finish. We started with qualifications at 8am this morning, then saw an insane world final, followed by the craziest best trick of all time. Click read more for our qualifying highlights video, as well as replays of the ISA World Finals and the MGP Park Battle...

ISA 2016 Final Results

Finals just wrapped at Extreme Barcelona, and we have crowned the ISA World Champ of 2016. Hit the jump to see the results, check the previous post to see the replay.

MGP Park Battle 2016

The MGP Park Battle best trick contest will be live today from Barcelona Extreme at 19.30 Spanish time. Hit the jump to find the link, and your local start time...

ISA 2016 Day Two Highlights

Well, day 2 was a bit of a let down! Starting and ending with rain, Mother Nature made this a tough one. In the end we only go MG Park Battle qualifying done, but the dudes still layed down the gnar, and tomorrow is looking great for competition,It will be an 8am start for qualifying at Extreme Barcelona, as we crown the new World Champ. Join us tomorrow.

ISA 2016 Day One Highlights

Day 1 is coming to a close here at Extreme Barcelona, and the 50 competitors are on site and getting their runs dialled. Hit the jump to see the highlights from today's practice sessions on the central park before qualifications begin tomorrow.

ISA 2016 Course With R-Willy

We wanted to get an independent, and qualified rider to capture the Scoot Mag Course Preview of this year's championship course. So who better than the gnarliest dude on the planet MR RYAN WILLIAMS!

Check out Ryan shredding the Extreme Barcelona Central Park as well as our editor Todd dropping in on the crazy downhill race course that will host the ScooterCross contest tomorrow!

ISA World Champs Preview

We are now just 2 days away from the 2016 ISA World Championship Finals, and Scoot Mag is - even more than ever - your place to be for the weekend. Hit "read more" to find out everything about Extreme Barcelona, home of the 2016 competition...

Clayton Lindley - Barnyard

The Scooter Farm has been firing out content for the past few months, and the interviews and "hour in the Barnyards" have been rad. Up this week is one of our favourite SoCal residents - Mr Clayton Lindley. This energiser bunny of a dude just keeps on shredding 24/7 and he is always a blast to hang out with. Check out his interview and HITB right now...

Farmtage 3.0

What a beautiful mess! A crazy range of filmers, cameras and editing, but with possibly the most fire shop team on the planet, the latest Scooter Farm compilation is absoluetely awesome!

With riders spread across the globe, absolutely every style you could ever want, and you are bound to be be blown away! Keep it up Farmers!

Winging it V2

Lewis Crampton's first attempt at "Winging It" was super entertaining. Tripping across Eastern Europe on a miniscule budget. Now everyone's favourite Grimsby-ite has set his sights higher, travelling across Europe for months on pennies with the help of riders from across the continent.

LDN JAM 2016

What a day. The third edition of the London Street Jam did not dissapoint as hundreds of riders flocked to the nations capital for a day of radness. Be sure to get over to our Facebook to look back on our live streams from throughout the day, as we broadcast Brad Ackerman's insane winning trick LIVE online. The atmosphere was hectic, and all we can say is make it down to LDN in 2017!

Ollie Murphy - Day One

Well we claimed it was Christmas when the Josh Young footy popped up, so now it must be our birthday too, 'cause this audio visual treat is unheard of - a full part from Ollie Murphy. Now we are unabashed in our love of this kid, he is pretty much part of our family. The scoot mag team have watched the young Bristolian grow up in front of us, attending every event you could imagine, and making everyone super stoked on scootering. And that's before we've even got to this footage. DAMN! The nosegrab whip over the channel was the favourite, but it is non-stop rad, and he is ONLY 13 YEARS OLDDDDDDDDDDDD

Josh Young - Fresh Footy

Is it Christmas? It may be 6 months early, but I'm calling it, Santa has come and delivered fresh Josh Young footy. A true OG who comes and goes from the vision of the wider scooter world, but never stops killing it. One of the most legit dudes in the game, and with a style that is just timeless...

Ben J - Snowscoot 2016

That yearly day where we lose our heads at BenJ's amazingness has arived once again, and this year it's a bumper one. Possibly the best video Ben has ever produced with some amazing editing and a sick custom soundtrack. Ben is pretty much personally responsible for inventing snow scootering, and his passion for it is infectious. The modern snowscoots rip hard, and we can't wait to see what kids can do with them in the coming years...

Warneup - Barca

What can we say about this dude that we haven't already. The superlatives have all been spent when talking about Arnaud "Warneup" Marchenoir and his innovation. Constantly stepping up his game as he veers away from the mainstream, he always comes through with the most entertaining video parts. His latest was shot in possibly the greatest riding city on the planet - Barcelona. Spain - and it is great to see the ninja himself in the perfect place...

Dialed 2016 - The Edit

What a weekend this was! Dialed is always one of the best comps of the year, but when you add in the European Championships, it was almost too much to handle. With hundreds of competitors across a day of competition, Rampworx was absolutely packed, the atmosphere was unreal.

Kealan Todd - Kettering skatepark

Loving this short session video from AO's young steeze Kealan Todd. 
Can this guy just hurry up and make a full section yet? Kealan has so much potential, every time I see him in the skate park he surprises me. If Kealan Todd isn't a name you're familiar with then its time to get on the hype, this guy is going places

Rich Zelinka - English Sessions

Coming over to the UK for the Euro Champs, Richard Zelinka decided to give us a little extra by filming this cheeky English Sessions release.
When a rider such a Richard is put in front of a lens it's nearly impossible to film a bad clip. Everything is always so clean, so perfect and it's killer footage from beginning to end. This one will make you leave the house and get you to the skate park no doubt...

Jai Thomas - Welcome to Apex

Damnnnn Jai! What even were half of those tricks?
Apex is forever picking up some of the most talented riders around, Jai being the next to fit the bill and he does so incredibly well! Not just your generic park rider doing the same things, Jai has got some killer tricks in that bag of his, some of which we may never know what the hell they were! Super excited about this team and looking forward to what Jai has to show next for sure!

Helmeri Pirinen - Welcome to River Wheel Co

Have a beer, get the clip, and then crack open another can seems to be the standard procedure for Finland's finest Helmeri Pirinen.
Stoked to see this guy now rolling for River Wheels. There is no doubt that Helmeri is a true pioneer of this sport and that makes me extremely excited. Plus if it gives Helmeri the incentive to drop more killer videos like this, then we are definitely onboard.

Jack Dauth - Welcome to UA

I have been waiting for a full part from Jack Dauth for so long but my mind was not ready for what I just saw
Jack is young rider from Australia who just been picked up by Urban Artt, and what better way to join a team than by dropping one of the best scooter videos of all time. I am actually speechless at this point, digesting what I just watched may take a while. This kid is incredible, every line and every clip is some of the best riding I've ever seen. Looks like it's time for the new generation of riders to take over!

Brandon McLeish - Welcome to Lucky

You ever heard the tale of the flying Scotsman? Yeah, well me neither, but i feel like Lucky's Brandon McLeish fits the bill pretty well.
Brandon has been on our radar for a few years after dominating AM contests across the UK . The kid has a crazy amount of talent, and it's so good to see this recognised as he is moved up to the Lucky Pro Team. This is name you are going to want to remember, with tricks like these and killer style, we can see Brandon McLeish going places for sure

Bransyn Smith - Spring 2016

One of the steeziest guys in scooter riding has just dropped a little spring videoA and wow this caught me off guard!

When I think of Bransyn Smith, I picture that unique and unmatch FS style tearing up transition with the biggest airs and tweaked tricks. Here we get just that, as well as a look into what Bransyn is capable of in the street. Just wait 'cause it's just as good as you think it is!

Kevin Austin - Downside Scooters

My jaw aches, my brain aches, what the hell did I even just watch? Kevin Austin is an animal throwing down some of the gnarliest street footage we have seen all year.
Just seem like another day at the office for Kevin as he laces down hammer upon hammer while making it it look so effortless and steezy. This is one of the biggest street parts you will see for a while, and believe when we say you need to watch this.

Jayden Lee - Lucky Scooters

Jayden has been through more in the past few years that most people go through in their life. Yet he has still managed to produce this dope video welcoming him to Lucky Scooters.
My respect for this guy can't be quantified and it is so good seeing him back in front of the lens and throwing down some hectic technical lines!

Spencer Smith - Welcome To Sacrifice Scooters

Sacrifice are pulling in some seriously UK talent this time in the form of Spencer Smith
Spencer is no stranger to throwing down a banger or two and put in a lot of work that fully paid off here, this is a killer video from a guy which I sense you will be hearing a lot from this year

Shaun Hale - Corby Chills

Man it is so nice to see some solid production going into videos. The quality of the video is just as important as the level of riding when producing an edit. Luckily both of these aspect killed it in this release.
I really didnt expect much of this, but was stoked with what I saw! Shaun's riding is so dialled and so clean, which is darn impressive considering he is throwing Bri Buttercups with utter ease. This little mid week treat is going to get you hyped on a session for sure.

Leon Coleman - 2016

It is Leon time! This guy has been killing the game here in the UK for so many years and only just recently got picked up by Madd Gear.
If you've never heard of Leon before then you are in for a treat. The words machine and powerhouse come to mind when talking about Leon's riding, he will throw himself into any trick as fast as he can and it is so much fun to watch.

Jack McCann - QLD Collection

Jack McCann is the guy that can throw together a quick 90 second video that competes with most peoples 4 minute video parts. There is no end to what this guy can pull off.
I'm more than convinced that Jack can do pretty much any trick in and out of whatever grind he wants. The control he has over his scooter is unmatched, making him one of the most naturaly talented riders out there...

Jon Dev - Hour in the Barnyard

Only Jon deVrind could stack this amount of footage in one hour in such a little park such as the barnyard. 
In the description of his interview with Scooter Farm it says that he got a total of 57 clips in the hour... 57 clips! That's ridiculous, like we all know Jon stacks clips for days but he has truly outdone himself with this one. A Killer video from on of our favourite riders out there, you are 100% going to want to watch this!

Schuetz X Williams - Game Of SCOOT

No need to go and watching the new Civil War film this weekend and the great battle of all time has finally happened!
Since the dawn of time in almost every Youtube video featuring ether of these riders you will find a comment saying 'You should have a Game Of Scoot with Kota/ R-willy' well that era finally has been put to an end in a conflict that puts Batman V Superman to shame!
With both these guys being some of the best riders in the world i can't imagine there isn't going to be much that can separate them but I'm excited to see what does.

Mathias Holst - Addict Experience

What a beautiful mess. An insane mash up of the Tiger's time on Addict, featuring weird tunes, iphone clips, photos, and more people peeing than we are usually accustomed to. Expect some of the worst filming you have ever seen, but don't worry, Mathias' rediculous steeze more than makes up for it. And right here, we mean steeze in its very essence. No one on the planet makes stupidly hard stuff look as easy and stylish as the Great Dane...

Ethic - Woodward

They dun it agen kidz. Ethic are freakin' nuts, and the French are just owning the game at the moment. Those Parisians are just spewing gnarliness, with seemingly no sense of self preservation, and an endless sense of style and balance.

Friends and Fam 2

Take 2 of the southern hemispheres best crews, and put them together with a camera pointed in their general direction. You know it gon' be radical.

Over 8 minutes of the finest footy from the Yes Please and Friendly boys is your perfect hump day medicine. Royce king, as he always does, makes this one for us, but there is top notch shredding all around from the most exciting crews out of the antipodes...

Philipp Lersch - Chilli

Philipp Lersch bringing in this solid release for Chilli Pro Scooters.
All the vibes, killer lines and enjoyment coming from the stylish Chilli rider who delivers 3 minutes of straight up fire footage. 

Danny Roberts - JACT

Jact has finally landed and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.
I have been hyped on this Command DVD for quite sometime and it's finally dropped, Danny Roberts kindly released his section to Youtube just giving us a taster of how good this video is going to be. Danny delivers a killer part, firing out that signature D-Rob lanky steeze all around the UK and Barcelona. This is a must watch section of what is a must buy DVD if you are a fan of the UK scooter scene. The Command guys are forever dealing out the goods, its time to order my copy!

Connor Ingmanson - I've Changed

Time to confess, I'd never heard of this rider before this video. But now I couldn't be happier that he got my attention.
Combos for days! My god Connor Ingmanson; you sir are are killing the game. Although the filming might not be that great, you can tell you that riding most certainly is. One of the most original and creative videos I've seen for a while, this is one you are going to want to watch for sure.

Raymond Warner - Envy Grip

This short flick from Ray Warner definitely caught my attention this morning.
Just a short 64 second promo for Envy grips give us all the Raymond Warner shenanigans we love to see. That Alley-oop tuck knee has got to be one of my favourite tricks I've seen this yeah, looks like we got a good week of videos ahead

Boris Germain - Flavor 2016

I don't think I have ever clicked on a video faster in my life.
The animal has returned finally! I have waited for new footage from Boris Germain for what like forever. I am a huge fan of this guy and I can guarantee you will be too after watch this hectic new release for Flavor. Filled with filthy lines sand gnarly street footage this is scooter riding in it highest form. Looks like ill be having this video on repeat for a few days.

Leo Spencer - An Hour's Worth

Leo is no stranger to firing out some of the biggest tricks, but when you consider that this is all filmed within an hour, it starts becoming a little unreal. I've said it once and I will happily say it again; this young Sacrifice rider is incredibly good. I expect to be seeing Leo's face at a lot of the biggest events sitting on the podium...

Regan Thompson - Scootering

Regan is giving us all the good vibes and scooter nutrients in this 2 and half minute flick.
A common side effect of watching a Regan video is instantly wanting to hop on your scooter go try some of the weird and wonderful things this guy can pull off. Regan will go above and beyond to create new and inventive ways to ride his scooter. Who else is going to cut their deck down just pull off some killer 50s? Regan Thompson you are everything I love about scooter riding, please never stop doing what you're doing!

AO - 7 Days in Barcelona

15 minutes of pure fire!
The AO squad are no strangers to putting together killer team videod, but this 15 minutes in Barcelona has taken it to new heights. Each rider gets a mini section and they are all throwing down hard in front of the lens to stack that sweet sweet BCN footage! Grab your popcorn and get ready to watch one of the best videos this year.

Flavio Pesenti - AOSv4 Deck Promo

I turn into a small child every time I see a new Flavio video drop. Easily one of my favourite riders in the world, the control, the style, and the level of riding this guys brings to the table is unmatched. This is video you need to watch, just get ready for the jaw to drop...

Kota X Terry Price - Trick Dice

Don't let the 15 minute run time put you off, as Terry's mission to play trick dice with every scooter rider has finally found it's way to Dakota Scheutz.
Some might be shocked to see Kota actually fall on a  trick, but none the less this is a video you can sit back watch and have a little laugh at. Who do you want to see take on the trick dice next?

Brendon Smith | Fasen Scooters Throwaway

Throwaway he says!? That's got to be a joke right?
How do you even choose clips for a web edit when they are all outrageous? Somehow Brendon managed to do it, and has compiled the leftovers for this throwaway video. Somehow it mabages to be just as hectic as his web edit that dropped a while back. Brendon has truly been at the top of the footage game for years, he consistently changes our perception of what is even possible with each video. What could possibly be next?

Max Jackson - Just A Few

Any dose of Max Jackson is treat. That northern FS steeze is unparalleled. It's so good to see this guy constantly riding, progressing and straight killing it. Max is truly one of the OG's in the UK scene and these 95 seconds don't  do his riding justice. I really want to see a full video from this guy soon!

Matty Ceravolo - Envy Scooters Web Edit

Blink and you'll miss it has never been a more literal term when watching this video.
Matty has put 2 years year of work to produce this hectic Wed Edit and If I had to compare it to anything it would be the movie Inception. Not just the video, but Matty's riding in generall - you have to watch things 2 or 3 times before even understanding what is going on! Once again Matty delivers back to back clips which exceed the term 'Banger' - they are in a league of their own.

Logan Fuller

There is no stopping Logan Fuller, this guy is one of the most gnarly people to ever step foot on a scooter.
When the first clip is Front Lip down a double kink rail you know what you're in for but no! Logan exceeds all expectation with back to back clips that will rip your mind to shreds. This guy has got that balance point of a god holding on to some of the ridiculous rails I have ever seen. You need to video in your life, a new bar has been set and I feel sorry for the person that has to follow.

Jon deVrind | Manual Labor

Watching a Jon deVrind video is a feeling like no other. Back again with another full street part, the Crisp Scooters' king of tech bring us another lengthy video filled to the brim with outrageous lines, killer footage and the feeling of confusion as you wonder "just how that is even possible". How the hell this dude has dropped a third full (2 songs!) part by March, we may never know, but we hope his streak continues.

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