ISA World Finals 2017

We are just days away from crowning a new World Champion at Extreme Barcelona. Hit the jump to find out all about this year's finals...


The Finals of the ISA World Chamionships and the MGP Park Battle will be live streamed on Sunday the 18th at 6pm local time.

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So here we go again! We are headed back to sunny Spain for a 3rd year to crown an ISA world champion. The ISA season has been running around the World all year, and now 50 riders remain with a ticket to the finals. 

As in 2015 and 16, the finals are hosted at the Extreme Barcelona festival in Forum, Barcelona, Spain. You can join thousands of spectators whitnessing the finals by buying tickets from as little as 12 Euros RIGHT HERE.

This year's skatepark is brand new. New designer, new ramps, new flow. We can't wait!


The festival runs from Saturday 17th to Sunday the 18th of June, with gates open from 9am to 8pm each day. 

FOR COMPETITORS ONLY - there is a practice session on Friday 16th from 9am-11.30am

ISA FINALS QUALIFICATION -  9am-11.30am Saturday

ISA FINAL - 6pm - 6.30pm Sunday LIVE STREAMED

MGP Best Trick Qualification - 2.45pm - 3.30pm Saturday

MGP Best Trick Final - 7.30pm - 8pm Sunday LIVE STREAMED

Scooter Cross Racing - 11am-1pm Sunday



ISA World Champs Format:

Qualification - 50 qualified riders get 2x50 second runs. Best run counts. Ties broken with discarded run score.

Riders will be split into 5 groups of 10, with riders taking both their runs within those groups.

Final - Top 10 riders from qualification get 2x50 second runs. Best run counts. Ties broken with discarded run score.

Judging criteria:

A 5 judging panel is compulsory for the regional and world finals.
When running a 5 judge panel only the 3 middle scores are calculated meaning the highest and lowest scores are dropped from the overall calculation.
Judges scores are marked from 1 to 100 based upon the ISA judging criteria.
Judges will be looking at:
The difficultly of tricks
Diversity of the run – showing a variety of tricks and using the park to its full capability with varied or original lines.
Consistency – points are deducted for crashes, foot slips and sketchy lands.
Style – Landing cleanly, riding confidently, making tricks look easy and effortless and showing originality.



So who's gonna win? Well they have to have qualified, whether with a wildcard or through a qualifying event. Check out this years runners and riders:


Jordan Clark - Current champ
Dakota Schuetz - 3 time winner
Tristan Anderman - For outstanding results at European events
Joshua Stockman - New Zealand Champion
Sogo Sakakibara - Highest ranked Asian Competitor
Dmitry Bogdanov - Russian Champion
Erick Avila - Spanish Championship podium
Lautaro Limarieri - Spanish Championship podium
Pol Roman - Spanish Championship podium


Ben Thomas
Will Scott
Dylan Sinclair
Josh Milovanov
Dylan Morrison
Myles Currie
Darcy Cherry-Evans
Jesse Bayes
Cooper Elgar
Vincent Kinna
Jared Colwell
Mac Daniels
Jiordan Giacoppo
Dave Dugan
Tom Green


JonMarco Gaydos
Chandler Fournier
Cody Flom
Corey Funk
Jordan Robles
Bransyn Smith
Tyler Chaffin
Clayton Lindley
Hunter Schuetz
Ronnie Zavala - replaced by Damon Mombourquette
Braidyn Sheffield
Wyatt Brown
Raymond Warner - replaced by Jai Walker
Cole Zimmerman
Michael Uhrich


Roomet Säälik
Jára Soukup
William Holm
Dante Hutchinson
Daan Melis
Bart Oskroba
Richard Zelinka
Jamie Hull
Archie Cole
Jordan Hall
Mason Leonardi
Claudius Vertesi
Leo Spencer
Bence Chlumetzky
Felix Percival
So that's you ready to rip for the the biggest weekend of the year. Be sure to hit follow on Instagram to keep up to date with the whole weekend!

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