ScootFest 2016

ScootFest has always been our favourite weekend of the year. But with a new venue to adapt to, and after the likes of Dialed, SD, and Extreme Barcelona, was the king of events gonna keep that title? You're damn right it was...


Normally just a build day, this year we got the first glimpses of the World Cup riders. A brand new contest - King of Video - allowed riders to get to know the park, and compete in a totally new way. Six of the 8 teams filmed absolute banger parts. It's hard to beleive that these were all filmed in one afternoon. Skatehut took both the Fan Favourite award - judges using YouTube and instagram likes - and the top World Cup points, but Maui and Sons took them close in public voting, and District were just one point off the WC win. Check them out...




Things kicked off proper! And boy did they kick off. We knew that Adrenaline Alley could hold a fair few riders, but nearly 1400 people flowed through the doors on Saturday morning! 

Competitions kicked off with the Scoot Sport GB Finals for the Novice and Intermediate categories.

Intermediate : 1st Isiah Samms, 2nd Connor Lafferty, 3rd Jayden Sharman

Novice: 1st Daniel Ennis, 2nd James Gellatly, 3rd Harvey H-Davies

We then headed through to the brand new building 1 for the 2nd of the World Cup competitions - the King of Street. It was at this point that all hell broke loose! Things got crazy. The Jam format meant that riders were continually pushing each other, and the final showed absolutely insane levels of progression. Kota, Jon Dev, Richard Zelinka, near unknown Alexandre Sicre, and Roomet Saalik were all well in the running, as they continually destroyed the 2 biggest rails in the place, and even the roof's RAFTERS!

In the end it was Roomet's enormous gap double whip to front-board on the kinked rail that sealed the win, a cheque, and the first ever ScootFest Championship Ring.

With just a few minutes to pull ourselves together, it was back over to room three for the DoggScooters Battle of Britain, and the Scoot Sport GB Elite finals.

The Elite final was an incredible show of British riding. Every year we are blown away by the strength in depth of our nations riders, and this year was no different. In the end it was Dante Hutchinson who defended his national title ahead of Leo Spencer and Archie Cole.

Then it was onto Saturday's finale - The Battle of Britain - which pitted invited riders against SSGB's best. With just a single run to take the title, it was the in-form Hutchinson who doubled his winnings. He beat the double flipping Jamie Hull to the title, with Leo Spencer taking 3rd. Check out the edit...



We awoke in a haze on Sunday. Blown away by the day before, and not sure how we would get through all of the competitions of day two. Plus, Todd was on the mic, and his voice was already on the way out. Could it stand up to 2 more World Cup comps? Probably not, but sausage and egg McMuffins consumed, it was back to Adrenaline Alley...

With another 1200 folks through the door, it was straight into building 3 for the last of the SSGB competitions for 2016. This time it was the young guns who were shredding, and they proved that the future is rediculously bright:

Under 8s: 1st Freddie Aplin, 2nd Lewis Llewellin, 3rd Carter Hughes

Novice: 1st Alez Goodman, 2nd Liam Morrad, 3rd Kian Hanlon

You can get full results to all the SSGB Finals on their Facebook Page

From the young guns to the heavy hitters, it was back to World Cup competition in the new Building 1 bowl.

Two qualifying jams made a 10 man final - 20 minutes of pure carnage!

With very few rules, and 10 of the World's finest riders, it was arguably our favourite scooter competition ever. With riders dropping in every few seconds into an incredibly gnarly bowl, the atmosphere was just electric. With Kota and JonMarco throwing enormous air tricks, Cooper Klaar destroying the over-vert, and Chris Farris flowing like a river, there was something for everyone, but the man who did all of that and more, and took an unequivocal win, was Czech legend Richard Zelinka. His lines around the bowl included absolutely everything, and his backlip to whip-front scoot up the elevator was the highlight. Hell, every other trick was a highlight. He took the second championship ring, £500 for himself, and 25 points for Team District.

Gathering our nerves once again, it was time to crown an Amateur Champ over in room 3 at the now legendary Skatehut AM Jam. Over 100 riders dropped in to qualifying jams, and once we had whittled the riders down to 20 finalists, we finally crowned our Over & Under 13 champs...

13 & OVER: 1st Joshua Alexander, 2nd Isiah Samms, 3rd Liam Nythe
12 & UNDER: 1st Jayden Sharman, 2nd James Gellatly, 3rd Alex Gonzalez
Then it was onto the final comp of the weekend. Building 2. The ENORMOUS competition bowl.
With 3 teams - Phoenix, Skatehut and District - all but equal on points, it was all to play for, and after the field was whittled down through qualifying jams, all three were represented in the final.
Mason Leonardi got in a few near perfect hits, before going for his huge ender - the double fastplant frontie. Unfortunately he came short, but with those runs in the bank, he still took the 3rd spot on the podium, and leveled Phoenix with District in WC points, and put them over the top on the tie breaker.
But the King of Park was always where Team Skatehut were gonna shine, and they were brighter than the sun!  Both JonMarco and Kota continually stepped up their runs in the final, and in the end it was a dual between the Machine and the young pretender. In the end, it was the old(er) head of Kota who won out with some incredible lines, but JonMarco took him to the wire, and that huge cashroll that ended each run had the crowd screaming. Kota's victory secured him a championship ring, and his 5th successive year of victories at ScootFest - 2012 World Cup, 2013/2014 World Champs, 2015 Individual World Cup Champ & 2016 King of Park.
With the King of Park to add to the King of Video, and top 5s in both the other contests, Skatehut had an unassailable lead, and clinched the £1000 World Cup cheque.

And that was that! ScootFest 2016 was in the books. Another insane year, with more fans than ever before, and the best competition we have ever seen. For now, we will await the edits, and bask in the glory. But it won't be long until we start looking towards the 2017 event...



King of Street - Roomet Saalik - Phoenix

King of Bowl - Richard Zelinka - District

King of Video - Skatehut - Kota Schuetz, Hunter Schuetz, JonMarco Gaydos, Mike Alford Media

KoV Fan Favourite - Skatehut - Kota Schuetz, Hunter Schuetz, JonMarco Gaydos, Mike Alford Media

King of Park - Dakota Schuetz - Skatehut



1st Skatehut - Kota Schuetz, Hunter Schuetz, JonMarco Gaydos

2nd Phoenix - Roomet Saalik, Cooper Klaar, Mason Leonardi

3rd District - Richard Zelinka, Chris Farris, Tommy Christiana