Venture Crew | V

Riding as a crew is what our sport is all about. Whether your crew has a name, has been riding for long, or spends more time eating KFC than riding, it doesn't really matter. The times spent with your homies is what it's all about. Venture have been around for 5 years now, and decided to show the world what it means to be part of their number with this labour of love. A full length featuring all of their core members from Oslo, as well as some choice friends from farther afield. 40 minutes of heavy Scandi shredding, and the personality of the squad shines. There was no rushing this, this is your "Instaclip" antidote...

"V represents the number five in roman numerals. The venture crew is five years old in 2016, and to mark this occation we decided to work on a new full length. Since the start in 2011, we have changed a lot, but the goal is still the same: Having fun, riding scooters and pushing ourselves. We've been filming for this full length for about two years, and finally we are ready to show the world what we've been working towards this whole time."


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