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Winging it 3 - Lewis Crampton

Lewis' Winging It videos have become some of the most anticipated here in the Scoot Mag office. As well as featuring Lewis' signature brand of riding around the World, his knowledge and humour shine through to make something special. Steering away from any vlogging cliche, they are super watchable, and completely unique. Now as the unnoficial home of Winging it, we asked Lewis to drop us a few words about the new series, and you can catch each of the new edits here first. Hit the jump for more.

"The Israel-Palestine conflict is a super heated situation whose inferno has constantly raged since the second world war. If you're from Europe, North America or Australia, I'm confident that the only impression you have of this small land, sandwiched between the Mediterranean and the Middle-East, is based on the short and intermittent news fragments you've stumbled across on TV.
Someone I met earlier this year told me his favourite place was Tel-Aviv, Israel. This stuck with me because, as is probably the case with you, it was the first positive reaction I'd encountered from that part of the world. Months later, it still stuck with me, and so I booked the flights.
Reading about what's gone on in the two territories has always interested me, sprouting from a historically-charged father, so I was keen to see it for myself. Besides, it's as Western as the Middle-East gets, so how bad can it be?
Well, check out Winging It 3, a video series I filmed whilst I was out there, to document the experience and broadcast the emotions. From sex on the beach; to riding scooters with the locals at a surprisingly-hectic skatepark and discovering a scene I'd never known existed; to visiting the manger in which Christ was born; to desert hiking; to being covered in mud by middle-aged women; as you can see, it was incredible in more ways than one. 
Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are already out, with two more to come later this week. If you want a taste of what the Middle-East is really like, how life looks in the holiest cities in the world, or how hard the Israeli kids shred, then watch the videos and enjoy the journey with me."  - Lewis Crampton

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5