Terry Price tests out protective kevlar jeans by Urban Kreation

Check out the legendary Urban Kreation team rider, Terry Price in this awesome edit. He pulls some sick moves that we don’t think have ever been seen before. It is amazing what this guy manages to do.

He spent the day in his Essex hometown testing out some of their jeans which claim to be more than 5 x stronger than steel. This is a radical new concept in protective clothing because it offers hidden protection that is perfect as fashionable casual wear. They look like ordinary jeans but use the same technology that was developed by NASA for their Mars space landing. They are designed to give heat, abrasion and impact resistance to reduce heat burns, scarring and scratching to the skin in all of the protected areas. No-one likes carpet burn.

It goes to show you don’t have to look like an armadillo to be protected but you will need some serious guts to try and pull some of the moves that Terry does. Unfortunately what the jeans don’t offer is super hero powers!

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