The NEW Madd Gear Nitro

The new MGP Nitro has now hit the shops and is looking fresh! Madd Gear have made some nice little tweaks to the already sexy beast! 

The first and most obvious change is the coloured core MGP Areo wheels. Next is the cut out lighter forks, then there is the new parterned grip tape, and of course the flex fender style brake that came on some of the late models before these big changes. 

That's what you can see on the out side, take a closer look and you'll see some improvements on the side too. Undo the collar clamp and remove the bars and you'll find the new nitro compression system. At first glance it looks like the original HIC, but remove the top cap and you'll see the long threaded bolt with the nut in to under side on the fork have gone. Madd have now gone with a more simple and affect threaded internal fork, shim and thread top cap. 

This new system is so simple but works really well. Big thumbs up on this one Madd.