Madd Gear New Colours hit the shops

Madd Gear have just launched a whole new colour range in the base model and also the Team edition. No more fighting with your mates because they’ve got the same colour as you. Now you’ve got loads of choice.

The pro base model comes in:

White, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Black

The base model has 18.5″ wide x 22″ high krunk adjustable Cromoly tempered one piece Y Bars, mgp squid grips, triple collor clamp, full length MGP logo grip tape.

Additional spec:
  • MGP pro bar clamp

  • Pro tech alloy headset & bearings
4″ wide reinforced concave deck forged single piece deck & goose neck configuration

  • Patented bamf slide in flex brake system
Krunk forged forks

  • 100mm 85a MGP Pro 12 spoke wheels
ZXZ cpro bearings

The new MGP team edition comes in:

Purple, Green, Red, Sliver, Orange, Blue and Black.

The MGP team edition comes with: 18.5″ wide x 22″ hight krunk cromoly tempered one piece Y-bars, squid grips with internal bar ends, Krunk triple, collar clamp, MGP skull grip tape and MGP aero wheels 100mm alloy core.

Additional Info:

  • Pro tech alloy headset
Pro spec reinforced concave aluminium 4″ patented forged single piece deck and goose neck configuration
  • Patented bamf slide in flex brake system

  • Krunk reinforced forged forks
Krunk K1 Bearings