Phase 2 Dirtke Launch

 So, in case you didn't know, everyone wants a dirt scooter! Well the Razor/ Phase 2 has been in testing for an eternity and its finally ready to be unleashed!

John Radtke held a super special launch party in his back yard and invited a bunch of the big Californian names to come give the scooter a whirl, and it would seem that they like it!

As for the product, it is definitely the tightest looking one of its kind. It is clear that a lot of time and effort went into making it as tidy as possible, It also maintains a more classic scooter look, just with bigger wheels, over some of its more industrial looking competitors. Unfortunately i never got to ride it when it was in the UK, but with no complaints from the pros, and a sweet £250 price tag, I'm sure it will be super popular.


Take a peek at the chilled out launch video...