Jessee Ikedah sob V2 fork promo

Jessee Ikedah has been working with Blunt/Envy to bring you the fork of his dreams, and most probably yours too.

First the technical bit:

Cold Forged 6061 alloy 

New version of IHC

Built in crown race

Liquid Painted

Available in White, green, red, black, blue, purple, raw.... and probably some other colours too.

Designed to be perfect for foot jams 

Jessee totally kills it in the promo edit, so many bangers and quiet a few bruises in the making I would think. Jessee clearly isn't scared to through himself off anything as long as he has a scooter under his feet!  One of the comments on youtube pretty much sum's this edit up.......  "that last stair set I wouldn't even walk down" 

Now you've read that you can skip straight to the riding bit at 1:53