MGP Nitro Extreme Update

We are all desperate for more details of the new Madd Gear Nitro Extreme. Madd Gear’s facebook page is the best way to keep up to date. We will of course share this info with you as and when we find out more.

Read what Madd gear say...

"-Update- Second round Nitro Extreme prototypes for testing has arrived and I have to say there is a range of mind blowing changes over the first round sneak peaks pics we put up. We are now testing all new bars, all new wheels, all new forks and a minor headset design update on top of the deck with some improvement and flex brake. Sorry I can’t give specific details on the exact changes or show at this time. The RRP or release date while second round testing is underway also I can’t say yet. You’re really getting the up to date news literally as it happens within limits of as much as I can say, but watch this space  Hopefully the second round testing goes well. Again, I wont confirm the price, the release date or the specs won’t change in future. This is to let you know MADD are all on it for you."

Click here to follow the new release thread on the Madd Gears facebook page.