Sneak peek of The New District DK-2 Deck

Here is a quick preview of the new District DK-2 Deck. These will be available from your District dealer later in the month.

This picture show District UK Rider Brandon James doing a no handed air at the Pioneer Scooter Jam on Saturday

 Photo by Ollie Thompson

The deck will be available in green, white, black, pink and Rory Coe’s signature colour.

We found these images on US site East 2 West Scooters





This is what they have to say about it…

The new DK-2 V2I deck offers several different features than the DK-1 V2 deck, including a steeper head tube angle, integrated head tube, newly designed down tube and a longer deck, as well as new full graphics. Also offered is the Pro Signature Series deck and bars. The first to be offered in the signature series is Rory Coe’s deck, an awesome rider from Australia. Several other Pro Signature Series decks are in the development stage and should be ready soon. The new DK-2 V2I deck is an addition to District’s lineup and will not replace the DK-1 V2.

    •    Headtube angle – 82.5 degrees
    •    Concave – 3 degrees
    •    Deck Length – 20.68″
    •    Deck Width – 4.33″
    •    Weight – 2.98 lbs

The V2I deck will come in 2 versions, with or without an integrated headset.