Mr H Scooter Bars Competition

Here is the next competition you lot have been waiting for. The guys at Mr H Scooter bars have kindly offered to give us a set of their custom made Mr H scooter bars to give away.

Here at Scoot-Mag, we will also chuck in a set of odi long neck grips in the colour of your choice, along with some Scoot-Mag stickers and a wrist band. 

All you have to do to be in with a chance to get this awesome prize, is let Mr H know why YOU show win, simple! The most creative and original comments will be picked as the winner. We will then contact you to find out what colour odi's and what dimension bars you want, then Mr H will make them for you. 


To let Mr H know why you should win, just comment at the bottom of this page! Please, no bad language (we don't want to get into trouble with the parents :P ) The winner will be picked 2 weeks fror now, on Sunday June 19th.

Here is a little more information on why Mr H bars are so strong.......

Mr H Scooter Bars:
Handmade in the UK using the highest quality British materials
Strongest bars available on the market today
Developed for the most hardcore riders (Madd Gear UK Pro Team Rider-Luke Painter - Here's a link to hopefully see the scooter bars in action 

Can be custom made to personal spec
The bars have been developed over the last two years with Luke Painter, the 5th evolution of the bars are what he is currently using and are the lightest so far.
Needing maximum strength from the bars has led to the use of T45 steel tube; this has allowed the use of thinner gauge material to further lower the weight. T45 is far superior to regular ERW tube used in the majority of handlebars currently available.
Below is a description of the materials and processes involved in the manufacture of the bars:

T45 steel is made in the UK by Corus; it is a high grade of Carbon-Manganese mild steel with a very high tensile strength and fatigue resistance. It has a minimum of 17% elongation, this means that it will (under extreme circumstances) bend not break when eventually, overloaded. These properties make T45 a particularly suitable material for scooter handlebars.
Each and every section of T45 purchased is checked and certified before being delivered to the customer.
It is used throughout the aerospace and motorsport industry as chassis and safety cell structure, also in roll cages and suspension components. The land speed record car Thrust II used a space-frame chassis and safety cell made from T45 steel when it took the world record at 633mph!


Brazing is used in many industries, it can be seen in the highest quality mountain bike and BMX frames and is also popular in race car chassis’ including the Aerial Atom and Caterham 7.
The steel is heated using an oxygen/acetylene gas torch and a brass alloy filler rod to make the joint. The steel is heated to 800-900 degrees C allowing the brass to melt and flow into the joint, joining both pieces of steel together.  
Brazing makes a very strong joint that unlike welding, never actually melts the parent material (steel), this leaves its crystalline structure unchanged and therefore stronger with greater crack and fatigue resistance.
Retail price is for these bars is £79.99 and will be available from late July. When the bars are launched at Relentless Nass festival they will be at a special promotional price of £70.00 .